Our Services

We have a variety of services to offer

The Centre comprises of a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising, supporting and treating anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

A forensic medical examination is carried out by a qualified and very experienced doctor known as a Forensic  Medical Examiner or FME. The reason that we offer these types of examinations is to gather any forensic evidence that may be available following a rape or sexual assault. The FME will also record any injuries that you may have and will also collect any DNA evidence that may be present. These types of medical examination are very important as it could provide evidence should you decide to make a report to the Police. If you decide to not report to the Police, we can store these samples in Dewberry House for 2 years in case you change your mind. 

Prior to the examination we will explain what happens and also show you the room. You can then decide whether or not to proceed. If you change your mind, do not worry, we will respect your choice.

Due to the nature of the work the FME may require to complete an intimate examination. The FME will however, make you feel as comfortable as possible and can stop at any point if you need a break. They will talk through the entire process and the crisis worker will be in the room to provide additional support. You can, if you wish, also have a family member in the room when you are having the examination. 

During the medical examination the FME will be able to give you emergency contraception if required. Dewberry House will also arrange for you to have follow up appointments for your sexual health at local GUM clinics. The GUM clinic will be able to give you a dedicated appointment and they will provide you with a discreet and sensitive services. 

After the Forensic Medical examination is complete you will be able to have a shower in a private bathroom. The Crisis Worker will give you any toiletries that you might need. Sometimes your clothes might be taken as evidence during an examination.  If this happens you will be provided with a brand new set of clothes such as new underwear, trousers and T-shifts. We stock both male and female clothes in all different sizes.

You also have a choice to bring with you a change of clothes when you attend Dewberry House. 

If you decided that you would like to make a report to the States of Jersey Police about what has happened to you, the staff at Dewberry House will support you. Dewberry House has rooms where the Sexual Offence Liaison Officers can come and record a statement of evidence. The Crisis Worker can be with you when you do this if you wish. Whilst a Crisis Worker can be in the room with you they are not able to say anything for you.

Dewberry House’s staff recognise and understand that making a decision to report to the police can be difficult. There are many barriers that victims of sexual assault may have which prevent them from reporting. We understand these barriers; that is why Dewberry House SARC provides a special facility where you can come without the Police involvement. 

If you decide to self-refer, you are still entitled to the same care and support as someone who has Police involvement. This includes having access to a forensic medical examination. Any samples that the FME takes can be stored in Dewberry House. We will store the DNA samples and any clothes securely for two years (730 Days). We believe that this gives you a chance to take some time to think about your options. We want you to feel in control at all times and we will walk alongside you every step of way.

Within 24 hours of attending the SARC you will be contacted by one of our ISVAs, unless of course you tell the Crisis Worker that you do not wish to have any contact from us. The role of the ISVA is to provide ongoing support for you up to, and including any pending or potential court case. This support includes liaising with others on your behalf and keeping you regularly updated on any developments. This can include speaking to the police, the Law Officers department, health professionals, housing associations, employers etc.  The aim of doing this is to take as much pressure off of you and enable you to feel better. 

ISVAs are able to accompany you to appointments if you require and they will offer to support you during a court case. They will also arrange a pre court familiarisation visit so that you can have a look at the court room before the case and get an understanding of what will happen and where you will have to sit and give evidence etc.  An ISVA will also support you to meet with the Crown Advocate prior to the trial. An ISVA will advocate on your behalf with the Police Witness Care Unit about any needs you might have about attending court. The ISVA will support you after the trial and beyond. 

The ISVAs who work within Dewberry House are skilled support workers. They will be able to talk to you about your emotional wellbeing and provide you with coping strategies following a sexual assault. Every ISVA will allow you to have a safe and confidential space where you can feel comfortable talking about how you are feeling. An ISVA can meet you in person, or they can provide telephone support. They can make referrals on your behalf to agencies which can offer you support. 

Dewberry House is committed in ensuring we support you following a sexual assault. It is very common to feel shocked, confused or overwhelmed. We recognise that every victim will have their own unique situation and with that comes your own specific needs. Many victims who have been sexually assaulted explain that they will never forget, but what they do say is that they CAN recover. Dewberry House will help with your recovery and have many agencies on the Island that we can refer you into if you choose. 

We can offer you counselling service from JAAR (Jersey Action Against Rape) or JTT (Jersey Talking Therapies. Additionally, we also have counselling services within Brook for under 21’s or Jersey Youth Service (YES project). We can also refer you to Jersey Victim Support or other voluntary organisations. (Please click on the links to find out more about these services)

 You do not have to have counselling straight away if you choose not to. We will support you if or when you feel ready. You can speak to your allocated ISVA about this who will guide and support you. 

Dewberry House Wellbeing Services is available to any victim of sexual abuse regardless of when it happened. Even if the assault was a long time ago; you are still entitled to receive support and care from therapeutic services. 

To every survivor of sexual assault, we believe you have the right to be heard. You also have the right to be believed and Dewberry House’ staff are all with you.

If a child or young person has been sexually assaulted or abused it is very important that they get the care and support that they need quickly.

Dewberry House is committed to protecting children from harm and will work with States of Jersey Police and Social Workers to achieve this. It is essential that every child is protected from immediate harm and a plan is put in place to keep them safe going forward. Dewberry House will also support them via the wellbeing service to help them recover from the physical and emotional impact of their experience. The States of Jersey Police will take action against the people that committed the assault or abuse. 

Dewberry House will provide the right care to the young person and put their needs first. This includes having a forensic medical examination with both a FME and paediatrician from Health and Social Services. This examination will take place at Dewberry House. Following an examination Dewberry House will arrange immediate and subsequent healthcare such as emergency contraception (if required) and prevention and testing for infection. The Crisis worker and ISVA will also be able to give advice about where children and young people may receive ongoing care and support. 

Dewberry House has child friendly facilities and we aim to be welcoming and supportive as possible. We appreciate that any child or young person may feel anxious or scared about coming to the centre. We are however, committed to ensuring we offer a safe and secure environment so that the child or young person feel comfortable at all times. A Crisis Worker will also provide support for any parents, carer or guardians attending. 

Whilst a person under 18 can make a self-referral to Dewberry House, the duties of child safeguarding mean that suspected sexual offences against them will be reported to the police and/or MASH unless there are exceptional circumstances.. If you are worried that a child or young person may have been or is being sexually abused or assaulted, please contact the Police on 612612 or MASH on 519000. If you believe a child is in immediate danger please call 999.